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Smart location (smart text)


Help needed!
Unfortunately this addon is broken on current firefox versions and i don't have enough time to fix it, if someone wants to continue the development source code is at https://github.com/nightwing/smart-text (requires major cleanup)

this addon makes common operations on url easier
it looks very much like locationbar2 but has a different goals and provides different functionality
1)Highlight hostname
2) linkify segments of url including subdomains (clicking on groups in groups.google.com/some/thing moves to www.google.com, and, of course,clicking on some moves to groups.google.com/some)
3) keep easy selecting whole url (clicking at the end of urlbar,or right clicking in linkified mode selects whole text)
4) make easy selecting parts of url (clicking and moving mouse selects text in linkified mode as well, simply clicking follows the link)
5) better behaviour for multiple click selection in input mode
6) make overflown urls scrollable
7) if url contains numbers ctrl+scroll over them increments the number
8) option to add arrow images between sections
9) bold domain or bubble around domain
10) support status in locationbar (you need to enable it in status4evar and enable status4evar integration in smart-texts options dialog)
11) option to hide 'http://www.'
12) easy access to about: urls and to view-source: from popup on protocol segment

Download files:


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