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SearchTweaker - Super Google & iGoogle!


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To edit SearchTweaker options:
1. Click on "Tools" in the top Firefox menu
2. Click "SearchTweaker - Options"

General Google Options
Account Multi-Login - Replaces "Sign Out" link on Google pages with a select box of accounts
AboutUs links - Provides links to AboutUs pages from Google search results
Aero! - New top bar design across all Google pages (web, images, maps, etc.)
Autologin - Automatically press "submit" on a google login page if the fields are autofilled by the browser
AutoPagerize - Loading next page and inserting into current page
Disable Fade-in - Disable the animation from Google's new homepage
Classic - Removes the sidebar, moves everything back to its original place: search bar, separator, and more
Extra - Displays results for google image search, wikipedia search and dictionary.com search alongside normal google searches
Keyword Enhanced MultiSearch - Quick search with keywords, direct translate, and auto-improved search queries
Leftnavbar Option Only On Hover - Show the sidebar only when hovering over it
Main Page Cleaned Up - Remove the footer from the Google home page
My Own Google Logo Text - Change the Google logo text to your own text (click twice over Google logo to change)
Result Number - Adds numbers beside Google search results
Right Navigation Menu - Moves the new navigation/tools menu to the right of the page, shifting the search results back to the left
Service Icons - Replaces the new Google navigation bar with a set of small icons linked to google services
Speed Dial - Use the numbers 1-9, and 0 as shortcuts for the top 10 search results
SSL - Forces Google to use a secure connection (https)
Try This Search On - Provides useful links to search engines based on the search that you're performing

Google Images
Black Bigger On Same Page Clicked+ - Dark background, large images on hover, show sidebar and other stuff on hover
Compact Level 1 - Remove the URL under the thumbnails
Compact Level 2 - Remove the URL under the thumbnails, the search bar, and related searches
Compact Level 3 - Remove the URL and size under the thumbnails, the search bar, and related searches
Direct Link - Changes the description under every image to a link to the page and the link of the image to the actual image
Full View and AutoPager - Displays a list of full images instead of thumbnails, gets more results at end of page
Mouseover - View Google Images on Mouseover

3 columns 1st to 50% - Modifies the three columns layout as follow: 50% 25% 25% and reduces the height of the header bar
Canvas Expand Button - Add Expand and Minimize button in main bar of new iGoogle Canvas View
Gadget Rotate - Rotate iGoogle gadget, press "n" to rotate manually (also removes sidebar and search area)
Minimalist - Uses just the iGoogle theme. Lose the gadgets, the tabs, useless links and footer
Normal Google to iGoogle - Re-direct to iGoogle from Normal Google
Remove Footer and Change Theme/Add Stuff Bar - Removes the stuff on iGoogle you don't need after setting things up
Resizeable Column - Script to add resizeable columns to your google homepage
Searchbar Transparency Edit - Makes the searchbar semi-transparent so you can better see your theme
Sidebar Removal - Remove the tabs column
Super Sidebar - Removes header and footer, allows the header to be toggled on/off, important links moved to top right
Truly Hide Chat - Removes the whole chat section

✔ 20/20
✔ Black in LCARS Terminal
✔ Black Ops
✔ Compact and Keyword Highlight
✔ Dark Green BillyNair
✔ Dark Grey With Led-Blue Text
✔ Dark Grey Wood Design
✔ Dark Shiny Blue, Transparency
✔ Enhanced BLACK - Personal Revision
✔ Happy Eyes
✔ o.O Dark iGoogle (Black, Grey & Green)
✔ Perfect Dark
✔ Professional
✔ Simple Simplistic
✔ Subspace 2
✔ Tahoma (unified font style)

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