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MozTweak - Addons.Mozilla.Org Enhancer


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Automatically Install The Best Firefox Addons
✔ Includes over one-hundred hand picked addons
✔ Choose the addons that you want and get them all at once
Download AddonFox Firefox addon!

To edit MozTweak options:
1. Click on "Tools" in the top Firefox menu
2. Click "MozTweak - Options"

General Options
AIO - Reduces space from the top of the page, removes footer, changes page style, and more
Automatically Let Me Install Experimental Add-ons - Automatically checks the experimental add-on checkboxes
License Status - Shows whether a Mozilla add-on is freely licensed
Remove Link Protector - Access links from within descriptions directly
Show More Extensions - Shows 100 extensions per page instead of 20 extensions per page
Skip to Install - Removes extra pages when installing some add-ons
Sort 'Add to a collection' Menu - Sorts the 'Add to a collection' menu (requires login)
View Add-on Compatibility Reports - Adds a link to add-on compatibility reports

✔ Blue-Gray Background w Bold Text
✔ Blues
✔ Compact
✔ Dark Theme
✔ Desert
✔ For The Night Owls
✔ Glass
✔ Red
✔ Underwater
✔ Zen

Download files:


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