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Conquer Club Speed Turns


This is an add-on designed with a fast refresh for notifying users of ready turns.
This add-on is specifically for members on Conquer Club website to monitor ready turns
and quickly jump to next game.
The time left on the next ready or playing turn is displayed as well as the number of ready turns.
Turns can be from any user, and the refresh time can be adjusted.
There is a special Team View where users can see the next available turn for their team-mates.
A combined view shows both users and team-mates turns.
A sitter view shows turns from multiple users in one view (use for sitting accounts).
If ready turns are available there is a quick link to jump directly to that game.
There is a sidebar available which can be toggled giving a full listing of game links and descriptions.
An auto login facility is available with a built-in help window also shown on install.
There is also notification on forum pages (like the inbox message numbers).
Fast switch to other users with user history menu.
Right click on status bar to get full list of ready games to click and jump to.
Configurable sound alerts on status change.
Early warning timer can flash the clock

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