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In May 2010, Google has added a left pane to the search results page, moving the search results over 159 pixles. This extension attempts to fix this by removing the left pane (along with the right pane that usually contains ads) and makes sure that the search results are flush with the left border.

However, this does not always work as expected since the once simple Google search and results pages have become very bloated with javascript/AJAX. In order to keep this extension as lean as possible, it is only invoked on a page load event. Things like Google Instant can modify the page content without triggering a page load event causing oldschoogle to not function as you expect. If this is the case, I recommend disabling Google Instant at http://www.google.com/preferences.

oldschoogle 0.8.7 also address recent Google changes in Nov. 2011 where the "Cached" and "Similar" links are no longer visible on the search results page without further user action. Furthermore, if javascript is not enabled in your browser, Google engages in a form of 'clickjacking' so they can track not only what you search but exactly what you click on. This addition address both the hidden "Cached" and "Similar" links as well as Google's clickjacking attempts.

All options are configurable so you can pick and choose what you want and don't want to see.

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