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This add-on works best in the original plain Firefox browser and in Personas too.

Known Issues and Workarounds
- Firefox Developer Edition 55+
This add-on will not work correctly without DOM Inspector add-on installed:
Get it here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/dom-inspector-6622/
This add-on has no affiliation with DOM Inspector add-on.

- Firefox Compact Themes
Browser restart is needed If you enable Firefox built-in theme after this add-on was installed.

XX Support for Firefox browser ends in version 56 XX
As this add-on uses legacy APIs and is based on XUL/XPCOM, hence migrating to WebExtension is not possible.

++ Support for Pale Moon browser starts from version 26 ++
If you like this add-on, kindly spread the word. Thanks.

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