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iFamebook (Facebook Profile Visitors)



>> PLEASE READ: Due to some changes in Facebook's code, iFamebok version 4.03 has stopped working. Please wait until next update (version 4.04) to download the Add-on. Thanks!


iFamebook is the 1st application in the world that allows you to know who visits your Facebook profile! And it's completely FREE!


You will see your friends visits only if they have iFamebook too. Be sure don't miss any visit, by sharing it now with your friends!! :-)


iFamebook participates in the "Research on Privacy in Internet Advertising" of the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems (MPI-SWS).


How it works?
It is very simple: your visits and those of your friends are saved in a database, and every moment you can know who visits you.

Someone told me that I can't see who is visiting me on Facebook, is it true?
It's true only in part: it's true that Facebook applications and Facebook pages can't let you see who visits you, so don't trust them! This is a technical limit, as well as contractual limit, imposed to developers by Facebook.
For this reason, iFamebook does not rely in any way to Facebook. We chose the more difficult road, and that's why our application is UNIQUE in the world :-)

Can I see the visits of not friends?
YES, you can see all the visits, even if your visitors are not a friend of yours on Facebook.

How can I see who is visiting me?
To see who's visiting you, click on the "iFamebook" LOGO at the top of any Facebook page.

Is iFamebook FREE?
YES, iFamebook is completely free. Do not trust everyone who asks you to fill out forms or sending money to install iFamebook, these are scams!

IMPORTANT: iFamebook contains advertising?
YES, by installing iFamebook you authorize the display of banner ads, contextualized according to the page you are visiting. The positions of the banner are the following:

Facebook: a vertical banner, to the right
Google: a small banner, at the top
YouTube: a square banner, to the right
Bing: a small banner, at the top
Yahoo: a small banner, at the top
Twitter: a small banner, to the left

What should I know about my privacy?
For informations, please read Google's privacy policy at: http://www.google.com/privacy_ads.html

How can I uninstall iFamebook?
To disable or uninstall iFamebook, follow the instructions at the following address http://kb.mozillazine.org/Uninstalling_extensions

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