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Personas Expression


Development of Personas Expression was ended.
This add-on does not works with Firefox Quantum (Firefox 57) or later, that was released in November 2017.
    * In Firefox Quantum (Firefox 57) and later, only new WebExtensions based add-on will works.
    * But WebExtensions does not provide many features required for porting this add-on.

Sadly, we gave up continue development.
No add-on updates will be released in future.

We hope that, you can find other good ways to make your browser your own.
Thanks for using Personas Expression so far! :)

About this add-on:
Personas Expression lets you easily customize your selected Personas themes.

At first, you have to click the icon on status-bar to show Personas Expression side-bar.
You can customize many visual styles with a few clicks of mouse.
Text color, font width, background color and texture, transparency of objects and more.

Customize is easy and very powerful.
Enjoy Personas More!

Personas Expression 2.1.0 Function List:
    - Modify color, shadow and font width of texts.
    - Modify color of tabs.
    - Modify transparency of objects.
    - Draw selected color and texture on background of objects.
    - Draw shadows on bottom of title-bar. (In Mac, title-bar color will be modified.)
    - Display Personas theme on some pages. Empty page, image page and more.
    - Modify width of tabs.
    - Modify height of side-bar title.
    - Transparent status-bar to improve visibility of Personas footer. (Windows Classic theme)
    - Easy access to Personas Gallery.
*Some functions are not take effects with Firefox 3.5.

Personas Expression 2.1.0 Tested Environment:
    - Windows 7 (64bit), Windows XP SP3 (32bit)
    - Mac OS X 10.6.4
    - Ubuntu 8.04
    - Firefox 3.5.17 (Need to install add-on "Personas Plus".)
    - Firefox 3.6.15
    - Firefox 4.0RC1
    - Add-on "Personas Plus 1.6.2"
*Personas Expression was tested with these environments.
Please use most recent version of Firefox and add-ons.

Download files:


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