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MeloSIP Click2Call


MeloSIP Click2Call v9.3 is finally here! Including fantastic new features you are going to love.

MeloSIP Click2Call is an application that turns phone numbers on the websites you visit into a click able link that will automatically initiate a phone call with any Soft-Phone like Bria, X-Lite, Zoiper, Skype and more.

This tiny application is very useful when you have a soft phone installed on your computer and you make calls using your computer. Alternatively, you can take advantage of ALL the functions by creating an account at www.melotel.com

NEW! Skype Protocol is now available. So use MeloSIP in conjunction with Skype. So for sites that Skype won’t work with. MeloSIP will!

NEW! TIMOCOM Click2Call Support! Yes, that’s right... Even for applications like Timocom.com that intentionally try and prevent you from using Click2Call applications, MeloSIP works. MeloSIP was designed to work with all number formats.

NEW! International Support for specific Country Prefixes. You can choose any default country pre-fix in front of your numbers.

NEW! MeloSIP now supports API Authentication to your telephone services. New or existing customers can use MeloSIP to initiate calls to their Desk Phone instead of using a Softphone. This is extremely helpful if you want to be able to maintain the best quality in calls and not be restricted to your computer calling.

NEW! Forced minimum 10 seconds between clicks.

Download files:


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