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Dict.cc Translation


Important announcement
With Firefox Version 57 (Nov. 2017) the classic add-on support will be dropped. Only Web-Extensions will be allowed. As a result, some features will be lost and some will be crippled. Version 5 has (again) been heavily rewritten to work as web-extension.

About the add-on
The add-on uses dict.cc to translate words and phrases in any website, epub or pdf.
No add-on is faster, easier or more precise!

- Text selection is only required for phrases.
- Use rocker gestures or modifiers (for example ctrl+alt) and mouseclick to quickly translate the word under your cursor.
- Use the context menu to get more options.
- Quick search via toolbar button or Alt+Q shortcut.
- This is a word and phrase translation, it does not translate whole sentences.
- I'm not the author or owner of dict.cc, I just wrote this Firefox add-on.

All languages from dict.cc are supported, and if new ones arrive, you can just update the list of languages from within the add-on.
And now it's also possible to do a quick search using a combination of [ctrl,shift,alt] + click on a word.
Results can be shown as a pop-up or in a new tab or as an in-page translation layer.

About dict.cc
dict.cc is a nice dictionary with mostly German English translations, but other languages are also available and growing. dict.cc shows quite a lot of different possible results, instead of just one, so you have a better chance of finding the correct one.

If you have problems, questions or other feedback, please create an issue on GitHub.

If you like it, please write a review.

I've received suggestions on how to improve the add-on, which can't be done without changes on dict.cc (The website):

- Audio Playback support
- Vocabulary Trainer support

Until support for this has been added in the form of a RESTful API, there is little I can do.

The code of this add-on has been released under the zlib/libpng License

Download files:


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