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The VKeyBoard adds a popup keyboard to the bottom of the Firefox window. The VKeyBoard is easily customized and localized.. The compact three row design is minimally intrusive while still being easy to use with a touchscreen.

Includes several keyboards:
- en-US
- ru (Cyrillic)
-de-At and ALTde-At keyboard. The de-AT keyboard has a ALT GR button that accesses(toggles between) the extra keys included in the ALTde-AT keyboard.
- dingbats-MISC keyboard adds some characters from the dingbats and misc unicode character sets.

The localized keyboards are switch-able from the TGL menu in the vkeyboard. Also if your locale matches an installed keyboard then that keyboard will be displayed as the default vkeyboard. Currently these include de-AT, ru and en-US

- Popup the VKeyBoard by clicking the Virtual Keyboard button at the bottom of the screen
- Focus a text field by clicking in it and then type in using the VKeyBoard.
- When the VKeyBoard is up the urlbar will be replaced with a custom urlbar that is optimized for a touch environment. When the VkeyBoard is collapsed the standard Firefox urlbar will be available.
- Collapse the VKeyBoard by clicking the Virtual KeyBoard button at the right of the VKeyBoard
- Hide the VKeyBoard from the Tools menu: Tools->Toogle VKeyBoard
- Switch between the available localized VKeyBoards and keypads from the TGL menu in the VKeyBoard.
- There are 3 keypads, Numeric, Special and Text Navigation keypads. To switch between them choose the Numeric Keypad menu item in the VKeyBoard TGL menu

The VKeyBoard is a part of The Kiosk Project
There is a video demo of the vkeyboard over at my youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/jtjmassey

Download files:


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