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Meet The Smilies


This Addon will actually make you able to insert emoticones anywhere on the web ! and especially on FaceBook !

HOW TO use it ?

Just mouse over the winkey on the status-bar.
The "Favorites" panel will show up.
If there are no favorites added yet you can click the button that says "Show The Smilies".
you will find a bunch of smileys in categories and moods :D !
Right-click a smiley to add it to your favorites. and there you go :)

Bookmarking Images From The Web

You can right click any image on the web and "add it to the smileys"
And you can easily reach it by selecting the "Custom" tab from the smileys window!
Right-Click any image there to show more options.
Note: Images from the web can be added to favorites but they cannot be used as emoticones
(i.e.) added to conversations. (not yet) (suggest !)

Adding Emoticons to conversation

You can Insert any emoticon in any web page, conversation or status update by inserting the code of that emoticon ! Needless to say that others got to have the addon installed in order to view the emoticon !
You can get the code of the wanted emoticon by clicking it.
You can copy that code (just click it) and insert it into the conversation.
But there's an easier way to do so, it is by focusing the text area that you want to insert the smiley in and just click on of your favorite smileys ! the code will be added automatically at the cursor.

Enable/Disable Emoticones

you can right-click on the smiley on the status-bar to enable/disable emoticones.

Feel free to suggest other features

Facebook Page
If something didn't work as expected please report it !


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