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Chromin Frame Carbon


A carbon version of Chromin Frame : https://addons.mozilla.org/fr/firefox/addon/10091

For special use with Chromifox Carbon.

All credits go to the original author of the add-on zero.fire, I just changed the colors and fixed the minor titlebar double click misconduct for carbon users like myself.

Summary of fixes.
-Fixed double click on title-bar (v1) in "windows.xml"
-Fixed hover glitch on non selected tabs (v2) in "style.css"
-Fixed a minor color mismatch between tabs which were non adjacent to the selected tab (v2) in "style.css"
-With v3: Quickfix for fancy bookmark and history buttons with hover and shits. : p

Will review the add on later when I have free time to hunt down the black bar glitch some people have on top and below X closetab. (A lot of my friends and I don't have this bug btw... You might consider updating chromifox carbon or some other frame add on you got to get rid of this compatibility glitch, that's my current guess).

Download files:


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