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Need more browsing space? Here is an alternative to fullscreen. Pressing Ctrl+F11 per default hides everything, except browsing area and tabs. You can however configure it so some elements stay visible, ie the location bar. You can also set it up to hide tabs and maximize window, making it an "Almost Fullscreen mode." This is perfect if you a browsing with a small screen, because the build-in Full Screen is usally too radical for browsing purposes. With this add-on, you can customize a less radical mode.

- You don't need the location-bar, because pressing ctrl+L shows a dialog, when location bar is not visible. I however prefer to keep the bar, because it allows you to see the url of the site you are on.
- You don't need the menu bar, because hitting the "Alt" key opens it. I prefer disabling it
- You don't need the status bar, but I prefer keeping it, so I can see progress when a page loads
- You don't need the browsing buttons (back, home, etc), because there are keyboard shortcuts for all these. Its a real bonus to get rid of these, because it makes the navigation bar smaller. This plugin (currently) only allows disabling of complete bars, and not individual elements on the bars, so you need to remove the buttons in the normal mode (using firefox build-in feature)

I need to update the screenshot - there are more options available now, than the screenshot indicates

Future plans:
- Optionally make statusbar visibility depend on status: Hidden when status is "Done," visible otherwise (I have already implemented this feature as a seperate add-on: Shy Statusbar - with that add-on, the statusbar is always shy, with this addon, the statusbar will only be shy when in minimode)
- Optionally hide elements within searchbars (Browsing buttons, search engines etc)
- For each element, provide three options: "hide", "show" and "don't change"
- Optionally set up several modes (with their own keyboard shortcuts)

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