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Torrent Server Handler


Torrent Server Handler was developed to make it easy to integrate FireFox with TurnKey Torrent Server, a free file download and sharing server which is part of the TurnKey Linux Virtual Appliance Library. TurnKey is an open source project (just like FireFox) which is developing a library of free pre-packaged servers that are ready-to-use in minutes. No configuration required - they just work!


What is TurnKey Torrent Server?

TurnKey Torrent Server combines MLDonkey for P2P file downloading, Samba for Windows-compatible file sharing and ClamAV for anti-virus scanning. You can manage it from anywhere using a web browser. It's especially useful for centralizing file sharing on a shared network.

Download it free and learn more here (documentation, screenshots)


You can configure the server address and port the handler connects to via the Firefox Add-ons menu:

Tools -> TorrentServer Handler -> Preferences


To use, simply click on a download link (torrent, ed2k, magnet, sigdat) or right click on any link and select "Save with TorrentServer".

This will submit any file type for downloading.

Download files:


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