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eBay - Motors - Save Enlarged Pix


On eBay the new item-description has in its picture-preview unfortunately no function in using the right mouse-button (no option to saving the pix onto local drives etc.), cause using JavaScript for displaying the pix
Also the new picture-preview don't use the whole screen-surface for displaying the pix.
Against this problem this extension was created.

"Save Enlarged Pix" rebuild the pictures that appears, if clicking the "Enlarge"-button in the new item-view in that way, to enabled the pictures for clicking with the right mousebutton again (for manipulating the pix with other FF-extensions as imagezoom etc).
A link directly to the path of the pix is append below the pix - for easy copying the pix-address.
The pictures of the item will be shown in its maximum size.

For identical functions on other eBay Sites please use the extension “eBay - item description - show enlarged pics” at https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/13802

Download files:


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