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NOTE: this is left here for legacy, but you probably want to install "Background Tabs" instead, which does the same thing but also from the URL bar (You probably don't want both installed at the same time... no point, and they might conflict?)

[Note: All comments/suggestions/bugfixes should be made at: http://caseyconnor.org/jl/search4later ]

Normally, when you enter something in the search bar and hit [ENTER], it replaces the current tab's contents.

If you hold down [ALT] when you hit [ENTER], it will open the contents in a new tab, and it will switch to that tab.

I wanted the additional option of holding [CTRL] when I hit [ENTER] to cause the new tab to be opened but not switched to. This extension accomplishes that. It also works when clicking on the search icon.

Note that there is a hidden browser preference called "browser.search.openintab". It defaults to false. If you set it to true, then the behavior of this extension stays the same, but the normal modification reverses with respect to [ALT].

(The setting available at Preferences->Tabs->"When I open a new tab, switch to it immediately", a.k.a. "brower.tabs.loadInBackground", which affects the behavior of [CTRL]-clicking URLs in pages, may also play into things, but I don't think so...)

My first extension!

Possible future features:

* the ability to change which key combinations do what
* the ability to have the default (no key) action be changed as well

Comments/suggestions welcome!

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