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eBay - Item description - Item prosecute


It is a long winded act to inform eBay about a item what's trespassing against the eBay-AGB or valid law.
For all peoples that often informes eBay about illegal items, this extension may be a usefull utility.

"Item Prosecute" removes the needless links "Info-Tour" and "Send us your comments" and adds instead of them in the old and similar in the new eBay-Item-description a linklist with the following actions:

a. Sellernick (without a link - for easy copying)
b. shorten item-number include sellernick (copying into forum-postings)
c. "Fraud" = send message to eBay include item number "Seems as a fraud, but don't have bid for"
d. "Select" = choosing-option of all eBay-contact-forms with integrated item number.
e. "Bid" = GoofBay seller-result of the bids from the last three month
f. "Sells" = GoofBay- seller-results of the sells from the last three month
g. "Negatives" = Toolhaus seller-results of the neutral and negatives valuations
h. "TH" = Link to more eBay-tools on toolhaus.org
i. "WF" = Link to more eBay-tools on wortfilter.de

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