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fasTun Tool


fasTun Tool provide a convenient interface to quickly activate and deactivate fasTun (free Web Accelerator service with HTTP compression), built-authentication, load the original images bypassing fasTun and quick access to service's settings.

fasTun - free Web Accelerator service with HTTP compression (ad blocker, anonymizer). fasTun will cut down your Internet expenses at 2-10 times!

Now fasTun is able to:

* Compress HTTP traffic using the GZIP algorithm
* Optimize web pages code (HTTP/CSS), thus reducing their size
* Compress images in PNG, GIF and JPEG formats with a feature of quality choice
* Provide full anonymity by hiding your real IP address

Attantion! fasTun Tool just automatically configures fastun.com proxy in Firefox. In order for the authorization window does not appear constantly, you must specify your username and password in the menu Tools -> fasTun Tool Preferences.

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