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Arabic KeyBoard


For example, When you write "m" it turns to "م" automatically which enables you to type arabic even faster ..
to enable/disable transliteration : click on the AR label on the status bar OR type alt, shift + A
to show the "Arabic Keyboard" : middle click the AR label OR type ctrl, alt + K
the keyboard will have some Visual Effects and will auto "Shrink" when lost focus :: right click on the AR label to set the animation on and off and to check other options
-Animation (on/off)
-Shown In Taskbar(on/off)

Summary :
Ctrl + Alt + K (Middle Click) : Shows The AR Keyboard
Alt + Shift + A (Left Click) : Toggles Transliteration
Right Click : Shows The Options

You Can Write Directly In Any Text Field (The Address Bar Works Too)

Download files:


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