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Edit and Note


The Edit and Note toolbar available in the main toolbar after installing the extension.
It has initially two control buttons. Open the Editor, Open/Hide Sidebar.

Using the Toolbar:

You can annotate any web page
- inserting movable 10 colored bullets
- inserting movable, resize-able, collapsible 10 colored WYSWYG editable stickies

You can place as much your own bookmarks as you wish

You can insert two specially formatted editable (question/answer) divisions as a further contributing, or FAQ section writing capabilities

You can insert note references into the document
(i.e. you can give the appropriate links, mailto, even yet custom JavaScript, and title to the references which will be placed at the bottom of document as footnotes)

You can on-line WYSWYG edit a whole document in the browser
or starting:
- from an absolutely scratch page (i.e blank-page)
- from your own template
- You can attach to the raw edited document your own style

You can automatically generate a Page Content from inserted heading elements (additionally you can make an outline from the document headings)

You can place only, or place and write into the document site Global navigation, and Back/Next navigation elements which will be mapped to suitable LINK tags.
(i.e. LINK rel="start, next, previous, content, chapter, section, subsection, author, copyright, help, alternate). Additionally you can insert as many Custom and Language global navigation elements as you wish. This capability is fully corresponding to and usable together with the
Site navigation bar extension: https://addons.mozilla.org/hu/firefox/addon/1949)

You can save the document locally and further use it:
- cooperating with ScrapBook (Gomita) extension: https://addons.mozilla.org/hu/firefox/addon/427
* * *
NOTES. For working with ScrapBook or ScrapBook Plus!
I suggest to capture the page before editing it with Edit and Note!
Then save your edited work from the Scrapbook editor toolbar SAVE button instead of the Edit and Note Save menu!
* * *

or saving with this extension five capacities:

1. you can save the edited page to that place where it was opened from, but you don't wish to save the additional components
2. you can save the edited page to that place where it was opened from with its components placed to same place(directory)
(the components, built in stylesheets and js file and dependent pictures all will be saved to same directory, apart from your custom style declared pictures.)
3. you can alternatively save the edited page to a custom place allowed to be renamed, with its components placed to same chosen place (directory)
4. you can use the browser built in Save As command mapped to this toolbar. (Its is important using this command from the toolbar!) This will save by default the page additional components into a sub directory named \saved filename_files
5. you can save the document in (MHTM web archive) MHT format, immediately cooperating with (if you have already installed ) the
UnMHT extension: https://addons.mozilla.org/hu/firefox/addon/8051
(It is for immediate or later sending the edited or annotated document as an attachment..)
* * *
NOTES: For saving and editing the sticky text after saving the page as UNMHT:
1. a If you chosen to edit the entire page Save your work before saving the file as UNMHT. It will close all editable sections.
1. b Then choose from the Edit and Note toolbar the Edit only Bullet, Sticky
1. c Save the file as MHT from the UNMHT context/toolbar/File menu (instead of the Edit and Note toolbar Save menu) as Save as UNMHT (current state) before you close the editor toolbar or save normally your file again.. (* It will leave the sticky texts remaining editable after you open the UNMHT file. If you choose to save as UNMHT from the Edit and Note Save menu all editable sections will be closed to allow the page navigation. But the Editor Lite toolbar at the bottom right corner sometimes fails to appear when you open the UNMHT file, so you can not edit further the stickies or the editable regions. Sorry for it!)
2. Open the UNMHT file sent or got in Firefox
a. Edit the editable regions (stickies, questions and answers division as you read the UNMHT file, but you can save it again to have the changes!
b. Choose Firefox File\Save Page As - Web Page complete (Select a custom directory to save * It will extract/save the UNMHT content to there)
c. Open the saved file (you will be able to either fully edit that saved file further, if you have the Edit and Note toolbar or you can)
d. Save it again as (written above 1.) as a new UNMHT file or replaced the original
The re-saved UNMHT file by this way will contain the edited text You can send then this UNMHT file as an attachment. You can repeat this action again and again editing the UNMHT content.
* * *

Using the Sidebar:
- You can list all headings, user anchor/bookmarks having placed on any page.
- You can list, sort, filter any elements (stickies, bullets, question/answer divisions, note references, custom bookmarks) and list all headings made by you with this extension.

Available localization: hu-HU

Download files:


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