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Personas Windows Classic Statusbar


Problem: The Personas extension adds a background image to the toolbars at the top and status bar at the bottom, but it does not show through the status bar when using the Default application theme with the Windows Classic desktop theme (the only desktop theme on Windows 2000). To see which application theme you have set, go to Tools (menu) ⇒ Add-ons ⇒ Themes (tab). If the operating system is Windows XP or later, then to see which desktop theme is set, go to desktop ⇒ context menu (right-click) ⇒ Properties ⇒ Themes (tab).

Solution: Personas Windows Classic Statusbar modifies the status bar style so the Persona footer background can show through. Requires "Personas Plus" add-on extension ≤1.5.*.

(For an experimental add-on, when a new version is released, addons.mozilla.org does not notify you from the application. To see whether a new version has been released, please check the home page of the add-on.)

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