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This extension brings emailsensei.com functionality into your Firefox. There are basically two services that emailsensei.com provides:

1. Email to image - it's not advisable to put your email address on web pages (personal home page, forums etc.) because it can be collected by spam bots. Emailsensei gives you a better alternative to obfuscating your email address ('at', ' a t ', 'dot' etc.) by making an image of your email address. You can customize that image as you wish and emailsensei.com will host for you. You will get a link to your image that you can then paste into any web page without worrying that your email address will be harvested by spam bots. The emailsensei Firefox extension adds entries in the Firefox context menu to your email image link. You just right click where you want your link pasted and choose the type of link that you want to paste. You don't have to remember your links anymore and you don't have to copy-paste them anymore.

2. Temporary email address is a service that is usually used by people who want to register to websites without providing your real email address. All websites nowadays require a valid email address and that's what emailsensei.com provides for you. The emailsensei Firefox extension gives you a very quick way of generating a temporary email address and viewing the inbox for that address.

You can find out more about emailsensei.com services at:


You can read more details about how to use emailsensei Firefox extension at:


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