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FireBible uses Crosswire’s open source SWORD technology and modules, making a wide range of Bibles, General Books, Commentaries, Daily Devotionals, Dictionaries, Glossaries, Maps and Images available to users.

* Supports multiple versions of the Bible in multiple languages.
* Supports General Books, Commentaries, Daily Devotionals, Dictionaries, Glossaries, Maps and Images.
* Powerful search capabilities within Bibles.
* Ubiquity support for fast verse lookups and use.
* Displays linked reference notes if available.
* Adds the “bible://” and “sword://” protocols to Firefox, clicking such links in Firefox will immediately load the corresponding content in the browser.
* FireBible is URL based, so you can bookmark and tag chapters, verses and even search results.
* Integrated with Firefox’s browsing history, go back and forth between passages easily. Firefox 3 users can leverage the awesome bar to quickly navigate to recently browsed or bookmarked pages; open locations by simply typing in the page title. Highly detailed and categorized history and bookmark lists available.
* Multi-tab and multi-window support.
* Internet connection only required to download new material; all installed material can be accessed when disconnected.

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