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TonidoFox is an Firefox extension for Tonido application. Using TonidoFox one can manage the torrent downloads, save articles and blog posts for reading it later and control the Tonido Personal Cloud server .

What is Tonido?

Tonido is a personal server software that allows you to access and share your files & folders from anywhere using a web browser or your mobile devices.

Since applications and data are always local, your private data never has to reside on a third-party server and is available to you anytime: both offline and online. Tonido applications are served right from your own desktop by the built-in web server and allows easy access from any device with a web browser or native smart phone apps (iPhone, iPad , Android & Blackberry).

Tonido Applications

Tonido Webshare: Easy file sharing application

Tonido Torrent: Allows to manage your torrent downloads from anywhere

Tonido Thots: Store, clip web sites and bookmark information.

Tonido Backup: Local and p2p backup of files & folders

Tonido Workspace: Peer-to-Peer collaborative workspace application.

Tonido Jukebox - Web based music player that allows you to access from music from anywhere.

Download files:


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