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Proxy Toolbar for Firefox 3.6 by Sandro Wittwer


A tool bar to manually set and configure your (http) proxies.

Only tested on Windows, but it should work on other systems too.

0.2.5: Just an Update for the FF 3.6.* users and fixed 4 digit port limit
0.2.4: Just an Update for the FF 3.* users

Update: sept. 2011
Sorry for not updating this, don't have time and it seems neither does the original author, so I'l leave it like this.
Problems, it has a bug which doesn't activate the proxy settings when checked, and it became platform incompatible, only Windows versions work, thus I stopped using it. I can suggest to people interested in such an add-on but one that also works to try ProxyBar (proxybar in the url) by gezep, all you have to do is to edit install.rdf and set maxVersion="6.*" and it will work, and something I like - it won't interfere with add-on bar's open/closed state between sessions.

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