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Main functionality:

This add-on provides a means of collecting links and viewing/copying them via a toolbar button. Think of it as being similar to a clipboard of links (to visit later/share/email) for the current browser window.

A toolbar button or user defined keyboard shortcut allows the URL of the current page to be added to the collection of links. In addition, a context menu allows single links within a page to be collected.

A drop down menu on the toolbar button allows the links to be viewed as a list of numbered hyperlinks in a new tab entitled 'Links', or the links to be disposed of. Right clicking the toolbar button will display a copy menu for copying the links to the system clipboard. Hovering over the toolbar button will show a count of how many links have been collected and the last link collected.

Other functionality/notes:

Duplicate links are disregarded.

Links can be deleted one by one (currently) via a context menu while viewing the links tab.

The links tab page can be saved as html/txt via the usual Save Page As dialog.

There is an option to save links on exit, so that they are reloaded next time the browser is started. This is only available for the first browser window that was opened. Browser windows that are subsequently opened will have a new instance of this add-on, meaning each new window will have it's own collection of links. When these subsequent windows are closed the links are lost, so be warned.

Crash recovery is built in using a file(s) stored on disk in the user's profile. For the first window that was opened, the links will automatically be loaded and accessible via the toolbar button. For any additional windows that were open prior to the crash, a tab will be displayed containing the links for those respective windows. It is the user's responsibility to then save/discard them.

If you wish to use this add-on with the Fire Gestures add-on, simply call linkinator.linkinate(linkURL) on a valid URL in a custom script.

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