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Lockerz Login


Can't remeber to login to Lockerz.com?
Don't want to type the email and password every day?
This is the extension for you!
It logs in to Lockerz.com each day when you start up the browser.
It's a piece of cake!

If you gets logged out from lockerz you can hit the login in automatically button to log back in again.

It will only open lockerz once a day and it opens it in a new tab.

When it has logged you in it will give you your daily points automatically and send you straight to dailies.

The project is abandoned because I don't like Lockerz. I have entered 3 redemptions but at two times the servers crashed and at one time the prizes was fresh out after 30 seconds. I don't trust this company at all!

Feel free to copy source or email [email protected] for source or if you want to become an author.

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