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Please do not use the comment function to ask for help! If you need help, please send a detailed message to the support email address- highlights [dot] support [at] googlemail [dot] com

After installation, Highlights' home must be explicitly set in Highlights Preferences. This prevents the non-reloading highlights bug.

What's New in Highlights
Add the power of annotations to your highlights. Highlights now comes with the ability to add personal notes to your selections. Adding notes (annotations) is easy. To enable/disable annotations check/uncheck 'Enable highlight annotation' checkbox in 'Highlights Preferences'.
To add annotations to your highlights -
1. Select text,
2. right-click with 'Shift' key pressed (on Mac OSX, 'Ctrl + Shift + click'),
3. choose 'Highlight & Annotate' menu item,
4. write note in 'Annotate' dialog,
5. press 'Add Note' button.
Annotations appear as red sequential numbers at the top of the paragraph/section. To view a note, move mouse over the respective number.

Highlight 'color picker' can now be accessed either from the browser status bar or the context menu. You can set your preference through 'Highlights Preferences'. By default, the color picker is accessible from the browser statusbar. To enable changing highlight color through context menu, check "Enable 'Highlight With Color' context menu" check box in the preferences.
To change highlight color via context menu ('Highlight With Color' menu item)
1. Select text,
2. right-click with 'Shift' key pressed (on Mac OSX, 'Ctrl + Shift + click'),
3. choose 'Highlight With Color' menu item,
4. choose a new color with a double click action.

1. Select text.
2. Right click to display popup menu. (On Mac OS X, 'Ctrl+Click')
3. Select 'Highlight' menu item.
Saved highlights are loaded by default when revisiting the page(s).

Note: The default action can be changed in Highlights Preferences (menu bar 'Tools > Highlights Preferences') by unchecking the 'Show highlights on page (re)load' check box.

Multi-colored highlights:
The default highlight color (yellow) can be changed to display multi-colored highlights on a page.
To highlight with a new color
The default highlight color (yellow) can be changed. To highlight using another color.
Status bar color picker
1. Click Highlights icon on status bar (lower right hand corner)
2. select highlight color, from the color-picker, with a double-click.
3. select text,
4. right-click (Mac OS X, 'Ctrl + click'),
5. select 'Highlight' menu item.

Share highlights with friends/family:
Highlight files are saved in users' home directory under a folder named 'highlights'.
1. Browse to the 'highlights' folder in the home directory.
2. Select the respective highlights (.hld) file.
'Highlights' file have the same name as the webpage except that all '/'s are replaced with hyphens '-'.
3. Share with other users. (as email attachments, through shared folders etc.)
4. Receiving user must drop this file in their 'highlights' folder before loading its highlights using 'Show Highlights' menu item.

Select the respective file and share it with anyone. The receiving user will need to drop the highlights file in their 'highlights' folder. They must also have this add-on in Firefox to view the highlights correctly.

Remove highlights:
If the default action of 'Highlights' is modified to not load highlights on page (re)loads, highlights can be removed temporarily by refreshing the web page using 'F5' key or 'Ctrl+R' ('Cmd+R', on Mac OS X).
To permanently remove highlights for a web page remove (delete) the corresponding highlights file (.hld) from the 'highlights' folder.

Highlights Preferences:
1. By default, saved highlights are reloaded every time the page is visited. To turn off auto-reload of highlights uncheck the 'Show highlights on page (re)load' check box.
2. To improve performance, highlighted text is not saved to the highlights file (.hld). To change this default behavior, check 'Save highlighted text to highlights file' check box.
3. The default home of 'Highlights' where all highlights files are stored is the 'highlights' folder under the users' home directory. The home location can be modified by changing the 'Highlights home' preference of 'Highlights'.

Highlights Help:
To find out how to use/access a Highlights feature, check the help section. Highlights help is available through the menu bar, 'Help' > 'Highlights Help'.

For a detailed description of the features and to download a newer (pending Mozilla approval) version of Highlights please visit the homepage of 'Highlights' listed above.

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