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ObPwd (Object-based Password) - Password generator


ObPwd is a technique to generate strong text passwords from your photos, audio/video files, and documents or any web object (email text, attachments). You must keep your password generating digital object, but do not need to memorize the generated password. Selecting the same object will always re-create your password.

Also available in Google Play.

Homepage: http://www.ccsl.carleton.ca/~mmannan/obpwd/

While using Firefox, bring up the context menu (i.e., right-click) after selecting some text, an image, or a link of your choice on a web page. If you want to generate ObPwd from your local file, you don't need to select any particular web object. You will see one (or more) of the following five menu items under the Object-based Password (ObPwd) menu:
  1. Get ObPwd from Local File: Generates ObPwd from a local file (a file dialog is used to get your selection).
  2. Get Unique ObPwd: Local File + Domain: Generates ObPwd from a local file; also uses the current domain name. This option provides unique passwords even for the same file, if used in different websites.
  3. Get ObPwd from Selected Text: Generates ObPwd from your selected text on a page. Pure text is used from the selection without any formatting information.
  4. Get ObPwd from Image: Generates ObPwd from the selected image (the one you right-clicked on).
  5. Get ObPwd from Link: Generates ObPwd from the link that you right-clicked on. Only certain types of HTTP and HTTPS links are supported (e.g., pdf, mp3, avi, txt).

Auto filling password box:
If you right-click inside a password input box and generate a password through ObPwd, the extension will directly copy the generated password into the password box. If you initiate the extension from anywhere else on the page, you will be given an option to copy the password in your clipboard.

Please send any bug reports or other feedback to: mmannan (at) ccsl.carleton.ca

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