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Foxy Detective


*** Version 0.3.4 is a hybrid WebExtension ***
Until WebExtension has the API support for mouse events over the browser itself and more, this addon can only remain as a hybrid WebExtension. Hybrid WebExtension addons are supported up to Firefox 56.


1. To start, click on the yellow star button to get into the active mode. Now star is red.
2. Hover over the desired node and wait.
3. Result page will popup with the available information. Star is now green.
4. Click on button to deactivate.

Result Page
The result page is a special page. To find out about the target's sibling, parent, etc, simply activate the addon and hover over this special page to the sibling/parent similar to the steps shown in the screenshots.

Hover over the colored borders to get the tooltips (id, label, type, etc.).

When the add-on doesn't seems to work
- When the resize grabber doesn't work, move the panel to a different location then close the panel. Get it to appear again and resize it. The resize grabber will now work. Not sure what causes this bug but this rarely happens for me.

- When used with popups, open dialogs, modal windows, the + cursor on the result page is likely to act strangely, e.g. to get info for a certain element, the previous element is needed to be hover over instead. This is due to using <xul:browser> in a panel as the interface and this combination isn't yet supported by Firefox.

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