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WARNING: Does NOT work properly in recent versions of Firefox (as of v29). I have looked to see if it would be an easy fix and it doesn't appear that it will be, as there were major changes to code in Firefox that the extension relied on. I am hoping to find some time to work on it, but as it hasn't happened yet I can't make any promises. If anyone wants to assist with OpenBox or take it over entirely, please let me know.

Enables the Open Location dialog box in Firefox. Access through Firefox button or 'File' menu, CTRL-SHIFT-O (CMD-SHIFT-O on Mac OS), context menu, or the toolbar button.

With the context menu option it can be used to open plain text URLs or search words, and to choose whether to open a link in the current window, a new window, or a new tab. It can also be used to edit the URL of a link, or to bypass a disabled location bar (such as in a pop-up).

Search is accomplished through the use of quick search bookmarks or search engine keywords. Simply typing the search terms in will result in a Google "I'm Feeling Lucky" result, as it just passes it to the regular main window location bar.

The default address in the location bar can be set to: the last chosen address, the current page's address, your home page(s), a blank page, or a specific address.

Requests for new features or support can be submitted through a form on the extension's home page.

NOTE: As of version 0.3.7, the keyboard shortcut for OpenBox has changed to CTRL-SHIFT-O (from CTRL-SHIFT-L) to solve a conflict with Firefox 16.

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