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Firefox 26 is here! Firefox 3.6 has been unsupported for quite some time now, so I don't have a purpose in really "supporting" this anymore. <br/><br/>Thanks for the critiques though :)

Sidetabby moves the Sidebar under the Tab Bar. This will save space, so there is more room for your tabs. If you are like me (Sometimes 20+ Tabs), It will save space on your tab bar when the sidebar is opened. This Add-on will be OBSOLETE when the Firefox 3.6 Series is discontinued.

Compatible With
Yoono (Social Add-on)
AiOS (All in One Sidebar)
Most themes (Except Chromifox, Vista-Aero, and myFirefox.)
0.8 Final Release Notes
Cleaned up code (Again)
This is the FINAL Major Update!

Main Issues-
Doesn't work with Chromifox Themes
Doesn't work with eFirefox
Doesn't work with Vista-Aero or MyFirefox
Doesn't work with Tab Mix Plus
Tabs show in full screen, and in popup windows

SIDETABBY WILL NEVER WORK WITH TAB MIX PLUS UNTIL AN UPDATE IS MADE AVAILABLE FOR TAB MIX PLUS. If you NEED support for Tab mix plus AND Sidetabby, please contact the Tab Mix Plus Developers @

Gary Reyes


Download files:


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