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DiCE Translator


DiCE stands for Dictionary in Chinese/English.

A tool-tip translation extension that automatically figures out the best meaning of the word highlighted by the mouse.

Developed by the summer interns at China-Singapore Institute of Digital Media whom are also members of the Web, IR / NLP Group (WING) at the National University of Singapore. Don’t worry, development wouldn’t stop once summer is over, and this is likely to be under active development for a long time to come. =) We know that the dictionary still left much to be desired but we’re working on it. Please be patient with us.

We are currently investigating ways on how we can help a secondary Chinese learner (an adult who is fluent in English trying to learn Chinese) to easier learn the language. One of the ways we thought could help is through the use of a translator. Parallel language learning lessons are being developed which might be integrated into the translator in the future.

If you are interested to know more about the people and the project, here are some resources (We apologize that none of them are too flashy, but looking on the bright side, we spent all the time trying to make this extension awesome.):-

Project page at CSIDM:-

WING Portal:-

- Highlight the English/Chinese words you want translated.

- Translate back and forth between Chinese/English with minimal effort (inline).
- Automatically guesses the most accurate translation within context for you (most other translators just list the dictionary definitions, leaving the guessing to you).
- Automatically separates block of Chinese text into meaningful phrases to aid learning of the Chinese language (Activated when a block of Chinese text containing more than 5 characters is highlighted).
- Pronunciation and pinyin (Romanized pronunciation for Chinese) included.
- No advertisements. =)

- To protect ourselves, the translator wouldn’t work if the block of text highlighted contains more than 50 characters or more than 5 whitespaces (spaces/tabs/newline). Sorry for the inconvenience.
- In line with our aim of trying to help secondary Chinese learners learn Chinese. It would only work with Simplified Chinese and not Traditional Chinese. Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience.

And we hope you enjoy this piece. =)

Download files:


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