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Idokep menu


This extension puts a menu to the main menu of the Firefox with Időkép.hu label on it. Clicking on this menu with the left mouse button brings up the list of the hungarian country maps, clicking on it with the right mouse button button brings up the list of the regional country maps from the Idokep.hu. All menuitems work like hyperlinks but do not close after click so the user can navigate easily between maps.

If you are looking for a toolbar similar to the previous one with iconic weather display and text information, then I suggest you on of the followings which are using national weather forcast servers:

ForecastBar Enhanced https://addons.mozilla.org/hu/firefox/addon/1978 (my suggestion)
ForecastFox https://addons.mozilla.org/hu/firefox/addon/398 (updates occasionally)
1-ClickWeather https://addons.mozilla.org/hu/firefox/addon/1035 (different approach)
AniWeather https://addons.mozilla.org/hu/firefox/addon/12331 (nice)
Weatherly Forecast https://addons.mozilla.org/hu/firefox/addon/9934 (sidebar)

Download files:


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