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Link Queue & Preview Sidebar


This Add-On provides a sidebar on the right side of the browser, which provides
a Link Preview and a Link Queue:

Link Preview

A secondary scaled down web browser for quick preview and overview of pages. You can preview links by using a configurable key/click combination, or - if you wish - just by hovering over links for a short while.

Link Queue

A persistent list of links you plan to visit. In contrast to bookmarks, this list is intended to
grow and shrink as you surf the web. Easily add entries with a single (configurable) key/click combination, or by selecting "Queue Link" from the link context menu. The queued links are displayed in the sidebar, sharing the space with the preview browser.

While you surf with the sidebar open, the extension provides recommendations for pages you might also want to visit - judging from what you currently or in the past looked at. These recommendations are built without submitting your surfing behaviour or other private data anywhere, so your data privacy is ensured.

Important note

The extension is ideal for people using a wide screen monitor - If you have a monitor with a very low resolution, like 1024x768, this extension is not for you - sorry.

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