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Cluster Tabs for Firefox


Share interests, research and fun with Clusters! This intuitive Firefox add-on lets you build FREE, permanent web pages from your tabs, making your online experience smarter and faster.

Easy to Use

Clusters is a tool you’ll master in minutes. Start creating a Cluster from any open tab in your browser, and access all your most-visited Clusters from a convenient drop-down menu in the toolbar. Watch the introductory video at http://www.clusterurl.com for a quick walkthrough of how to create and use Clusters.

Streamlined and Friendly

Say goodbye to endless lists of bookmarks – Clusters allows you to group your most-visited web sites into Clusters whose topics make sense to you. Clusters will also speed up your system efficiency, since tabs in Clusters don’t act as a drain on browser memory.

Universal Sharing

Because Clusters are stored anonymously online, they’re accessible anywhere in the world. It couldn’t be simpler to share your Clusters with friends, family and business colleagues. Just a couple of clicks posts your Clusters to your favorite social media sites. And if you’re working at a different computer, a quick search will pull up your own Cluster at that location – all your reference sites are at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.

Research Powerhouse

Start any research project with a search on www.clusterurl.com, and you’ll access Clusters containing dozens of relevant results, rather than having to comb through individual web sites. Jump-start your own work by taking advantage of the pre-qualified sites other users have already Clustered. A title and description on your own Clusters makes them more user-friendly in turn.

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