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*** Important: This add-on is now deprecated. If you find that it's incompatible with the version of Firefox you're using, please use the Textise bookmarklet, available at https://www.textise.net/Bookmarklet.aspx. The bookmarklet is easy to install and use and does the same job as the add-on. ***

This add-on allows easy access to Textise via the right-click menu or the toolbar.

How to use the Add-On
To view a page as text-only, just right-click on the page and select "Textise this PAGE (toggle 'Text Only')". Alternatively, you can click on the Textise button on your toolbar (it's the red "x"). If you do this to a page that's already been converted to text you'll be taken to the "real" page, i.e. the add-on will toggle between the two.

New in version 3.0
From version 3.0 you can also right-click on a link and choose "Textise this LINK (toggle 'Text Only')" to view a text-only version of the link's target page. This is also a toggle.

What is Textise anyway?
Textise is an Internet tool that can create a text-only version of almost any web page. Users can configure the appearance of the text-only output by adjusting fonts and colours on the Options page. Ever wanted to read the news in pink Comic Sans on a purple background? Well, now you can! On a more practical note, this allows the partially-sighted to adjust the output to suit their needs.

Textise has many uses -

* It can improve accessibility for the blind and partially-sighted.
* It creates pages that are better for printing when it’s just the words you’re after.
* It allows safe navigation to suspicious web-sites.
* It can make cluttered pages easier to read.

For web developers, it's now easy to add a "text-only" link to web pages without having to create and maintain a separate page. For information on how to go about this, visit http://textise.wordpress.com/about-textise/ .

If you discover new uses for Textise, please let me know.

Note that, in its current incarnation, Textise does have some limitations:

* You can’t use Textise to visit sites that require you to log in, e.g. Facebook.
* You can’t use Textise to buy stuff from e-commerce sites, e.g. Amazon, but you can browse their stores (unless their servers block Textise because they misidentify it as a bot...).

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