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Trololololo Man


Trololololo Man is intended just to amuse you on your own browser or installed ninja style on the Firefox browser of a non-tech user:) ...do warn them though. At intervals of your choosing (See Options) Mr Trololololo Man will burst into song...without warning...sometimes just a few bars, sometimes much more. :)

PLEASE NOTE : Not a good idea to have your speaker volume up too loud!!!...and be careful where you install this extension, as it can startle someone!

This extension was inspired on the many vids of this guy on the Net and based totally on the fine extension Consciousness Bell by Ronen Zilberman...and was brought to you....by Frank :)

Unlikely that anyone will need 'Support' help for the Trololololo Man extension - you just go to Tools > Addons Manager > Extensions > Trololololo Man > Options ...and, er, that's it, but if you do then go here - Metal Lion website

Enjoy :)

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