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Media Stealer


Please visit our Google code homepage: http://code.google.com/p/mediastealer/

What Is This?

Media Stealer is a Firefox Add-on dedicated to download Internet resource transfered by HTTP protocol. For primary users, it is designed to download online video, music and flash files(e.g. flash games). However, for advanced users who are familiar with HTTP request & responce, Media Stealer can do much more.

Media Stealer was originally designed to download flash media (especially the .flv format stream video), so given the name 'Media Stealer'. Unlike other online video download tools (e.g. youtube-dl) or online video retrieve website, the download function is independent of video providers (e.g. YouKu, Tudou, YouTube) as long as they use HTTP protocol.

Some of the Media Stealer features include:

Very easy to use for beginners and non-professonals
Precisely monitor and filter any HTTP request and response
Powerful detailed configurations provided for advanced users
Monitor download process with the builtin download manager, no more request will be sent, normal video watch cannot be interrupted, and you can download as much as you streaming.

For Beginners

Media Stealer main program can be toggled via the menu of Firefox under "Tools" or via Firefox Add-on bar or pressing Ctrl-Shift-S. Media Stealer doesn't need to be toggled in order to download content.

Four panels in main window: Tasks, Options, Rules, Messages. Tasks panel can display downloading progress.

Tasks panel
You can only follow downloading progress in Task panel but not control it. This is due to the feature of HTTP protocol. The website of the flash video you want to download, shouldn't be closed until video is finished download. You can monitor the progress in this panel. Status "Finished" means the video is successfully downloaded en stored. Status "Interruped" means something went wrong, perhaps you closed the website. "Downloading" means Media Stealer is retieving the data and storing the information. You can delete the tasks and you have the options of deleting the actual file as well. Other task functions are: Rename, Delete, Deleteall, Open Download Folder, Copy Url, Copy Urls, Open File.

Options panel
The Options panel enables you to select your interested content type--Video, Audio and Flash, also read and change basic settings, and download directory. This panel is also able to toggle special features. For example "Disable automatic download" (which is activated by default, once deactivated it downloads automatically content based on rules). Media Stealer can also be temporary deactivated (for example when you don't want to download content) by disabling "Enable Media Stealer".

For Advanced Users

Media Stealer You need to have some knowledge about HTTP protocol and javascript regular expression to set more specific settings. For those who are not quite familiar with HTTP request and responce, I advice you to watch Debug panel or download another add-on named 'firebug' to learn more. Rules panel is about downloading filter rules. First 3 rules are static, you cannot remove them, but still you can modify them, for they are associated with previous Options. You can double click a rule or press Edit button to open a rule edit window.

Description is some words you describe this rule. This is arbitrary and does not affect download process.
URL is a regular expression can be matched in HTTP request resource url. This is set when you want to download content from a specific site. For example, if you only want to download HD video from heidou(hd.tudou.com), and a video url for example,, you observe that string 'mp4' or 'f4v' or IP address in url, so you need to set this to 'mp4' or 'f4v', or a regular expression matching an IP address( e.g, "((2[0-4]\d|25[0-5]|[01]?\d\d?)\.){3}((2[0-4]\d|25[0-5]|[01]?\d\d?))" ).
You can add a rule that filters specific websites by example using "http:\/\/.+(\.youtube\.com)" as URL in the rules and "video|flv|f4v|mp4" as its content-type.
Content-Type (MIME type) is a regular expression can be matched in HTTP responce content-type. Take previous example, this can be set to 'octet-stream'.
Directory is where you want to save your downloaded files.

One thing I need to remind you is: functions of Media Stealer add-on is not limited to media data downloading. It can be used to download many other types of content that sent to your internet browser. You can do many amazing things if you configure it well.

As to the last Messages panel, it is for those who want to read, debug or modify the source code of this add-on. It's convient.


Media Stealer is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License Version 2 as published by the Free Software Foundation. This gives you legal permission to copy, distribute and/or modify Media Stealer under certain conditions. Read the 'LICENSE' file in the Media Stealer distribution or read the online version of the license for more details.



This firefox add-on is developed by physacco,liruqi and AlexBelgium.

Download files:


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