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Adds a toolbar and a popup meny with BBCode specific for the Swedish forum PHPportalen.net. Originally based on Jed Browns BBCode extension, but later rewritten from scratch.

Most menuitems use the selected text when there is some, and the clipboard when no text is selected. Some menuitems use both but at different places in the BBcode.

Creating lists is done by typing lines beginning with a *, selecting those lines and then using "Lista" from the menu (or from the toolbar). See screenshot!

The extension can be used on other sites by visiting about:config, setting phpkod.constrain.phpportalen to false and phpkod.constrain.sites to a regexp matching the URL:s of the sites where you want the extension to be active.

phpkod.constrain.phpportalen = false
phpkod.constrain.sites = "phpportalen.net|bbs.linux.se|anothersite.com/forum/"

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