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Phoenix is a development and debug editor which allows run and test CSS, HTML and JavaScript code in a live environment. Phoenix will tell you how many CSS and JS files are loded into a page and how big these are. With a click you can then examine the code - including the HTML code and the dynamically generated HTML code. The code undergoes real time syntax highlighting and can by formatted for easier reading. In case of obfuscated (or packed) JavaScript this can be reversed by Phoenix.

You will be able to modify all CSS, HTML and JavaScript code and have it executed in the current page. This means that you will be able to see all changes to CSS and HTML without having to reload the page, while JavaScript can be executed immediately. If you are working locally you will be able to edit your CSS and JS files and reload these into a page without having to reload the page itself: useful when working with AJAX.

* See at a glance how many CSS & JavaScript files there are in a page and how big they are
* View them in Phoenix Editor
* Tidy the code and unpack it (unpacking is only available for JavaScript)
* Reload individual files in the current page (useful if you are debugging an AJAX page locally)
* Edit CSS, JavaScript & HTML in Phoenix Editor and have this code updated in the current page
* Load and Save code to and from Phoenix Editor
* View both HTML and generated HTML source
* Real time syntax highlighting
* Calculate file size and estimate file size when code is Gzipped
* Pack or minify code

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