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Myanmar Converter


This extension automatically detects if a web page is using Zaw Gyi One fonts and converts the text to Unicode 5.1. This means that you only need to install a Unicode 5.1 (or later) font, you don't need to have ZawGyiOne installed. It now also includes a Myanmar Unicode spell-checker.


* A Myanmar Unicode 5.1 font to be installed such as Padauk or Myanmar3.

Why convert from ZawGyi to Unicode 5.1?

Having both ZawGyi and Unicode 5.1 fonts causes problems when the font is not explicitly defined by the web page. If the wrong font is selected, then the Myanmar text will display wrongly. Unicode 5.1 has many advantages over Zaw Gyi:

* Unicode 5.1 has only one spelling for a Myanmar word, Zaw Gyi can have multiple spellings for the same word.
* Sorting and searching are much easier with Unicode 5.1.
* Localized software will use Unicode 5.1.
* Myanmar spell checking becomes possible with Unicode 5.1.
* Mon, Karen, Shan can be displayed correctly with Unicode 5.1

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