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Dynamite Deals


When you visit a single product page on an online merchant site, Dynamite Deals snaps into action, scouring the Web for the lowest prices on the exact same electronics products available from other e-commerce sites. Unlike existing shopper sites and add-ons, Dynamite reports the lowest prices from any merchant -- not just the “paid placement” sites. Dynamite only displays “real” prices – in stock, up-to-date and available to buy right now – and current rebates and free-shipping promotions are added right in.

With Dynamite running in the background, you'll always have the option of paying rock-bottom prices for the products you want.

As part of this process, Dynamite Data's servers will periodically ask your extension for the full HTML of random product pages so that we can parse it and update our records. This allows us to cut down on the number of pages our robot has to crawl, saving computing time for the merchant.

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