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QRLink Maker


If you find something handy or cool on the web and you would like to put it to your smartphone/PDA, just use QRCodes! As easy as right-click, select QR Code option and take a snapshot of the generated code!
Code reader app for Windows Mobile available here: http://www.quickmark.com.tw/En/basic/download.asp . Android phones have Barcode Reader bundled (if not, check the Market!). For iPhone, check AppStore for Barcode Readers!
How to use:
1) install (wow, that's brillant ;) ) & reload FireFox
2) right-click anywhere on the page to generate QRCode for its link
- or -
right-click on URL links to generate QRCode for their targets
- or -
right-click on embedded image to generate QRCode directly to the image
- or -
select a piece of text and right-click and select QRCode
- or -
use Tools->Create QRCode menu to generate QR Code for custom text (eg. notes, numbers, etc.)
3) read the code using your cellphone/smartphone/PDA
4) enjoy! ;)

(uses Google Chart API as code generator)

Download files:


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