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Babylon Dictionary Word Search


Extension's Purpose:

The Problem:
I'm a native Spanish speaker, but I'm constantly reading documents written in English for my work. Sometimes I don't know the definition of a word in a web page or an email I'm reading, so I have to search for the word definition in websites or even real life dictionaries.

The Solution:
This extension was created with the purpose of giving the user a quick and easy way to search for a word definition, using Babylon's online word search feature.

Extension's Features:
There are many ways to search for the definition of a word located in a web page or an email you are reading:

- Right click over a word and select the option "Search in Babylon" to search for the word definition

- Double click over a word to search for the word definition. This feature can be configured in the extension's Preferences Window to be always or never active

- The extension's word search window can be displayed by clicking on the Babylon icon located in the status bar or by using the default keyboard shortcut: ALT-Y

- The extension's shortcut can be changed for any key combination of your choice in the Preferences Window

- If there is a selected word in the web page or email and you display the extension's word search window, the definition for the selected word will be automatically searched

- You can choose the default language in which you want your words to be searched: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and a lot more

- For every word definition you search, the results can be always displayed in the same window or in a different window for every searched word. This feature can be configured in the extension's Preferences Window

Extension's supported definition languages:
- You can search for a word definition in any of these languages: Chinese, Croatian, Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish or Turkish

Extension's interface languages:
- The extension's user interface can be displayed in English, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish, depending on the user's browser language

Is this addon safe?:
Some people have sent support emails to the author describing this addon as malware and asking for uninstall instructions. I want to clarify that this addon is not malware. According to Wikipeda, there is a babylon malware that is installed with some other third party software, which has nothing to do with this Firefox addon:

Babylon toolbar, a browser plugin for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome, is installed with various ad-supported software packages on an opt-out basis[examples needed]. This toolbar overrides default browser settings, does not provide an option to automatically revert to previous settings[18] and is infamous for the complicated uninstallation process[19] . This behaviour qualifies the software as malware in many users opinions.[20]


This babylon extension for Firefox is not related to the babylon toolbar installed by other software packages. Always be careful about the software you install from unknown sources.

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