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Update: Firefox 4 : This addon can be used in Firefox4 from the "Addon Bar" - To make add on bar visible in the bottom: Rightclick on any part of the top bar, select "Addon bar" and you can see the icon of this application at the bottom right. I will find some other way to make this easy without the addon bar.

This addon helps you remove cookies from certain hosts based on pre-selected preference. User has the option to either set preference to 1) remove all cookies except cookies from certain hosts 2) remove cookies only from certain specified hosts 3) remove all cookies. Once the preferences are set, user can apply this preference by normal left click on the cookie icon, added to the status bar. User's selected preference is kept so that user has does not need to type in list of host names again and again. When you use firefox standard option to remove all cookies, you loose useful cookies that store your preferences and logged in sessions. With this addon you are in control of what you can delete or keep with one simple click. This is useful to periodically remove cookies from sites that put restriction based on information kept in cookies.
User can also select option to automatically remove the cookies as per rule whenever firefox is closed.

Icon is automatically added to the status bar at bottom right of the firefox window. Right click on the icon opens the preferences page, as shown in the screen shot attached. User has three option to chose from in this preferences window

1. Remove only cookies from specified hosts
With this option selected, user can enter comma(,) seperated list of hostnames in the text box.
With this preferences, cookies from the specified hosts are removed, keeping others intact
You can use this option to specifically delete cookies from specific sites, without removing all cookies.
Use button provided to select the hosts or type in the host name

2. Remove all except cookies from specified hosts
With this option selected, user can enter comma(,) seperated list of host names.
With this preference, the add on removes cookies from every host, except cookies from the specified hosts
You can use this option to keep list of hosts from which you do not want to delete cookie. For example, google, yahoo.co.uk, times.com,etc.
Use button provided to select the hosts or type in the host name

3. Remove all cookies
User can select this option to remove all cookies

"Edit Hosts" button allows the user to see the selected hosts and also add more hosts without having to type in name of hosts.

Please remember you do not need to use "Edit Hosts" button if you want to keep very small number of hosts. You can always type it in, for example "google, yahoo, mozilla", instead of full host name.

In addition to this "Show all cookies" button shows your all cookies that are already present in machine and allows you to remove specific cookies.

Do mail me if you have issues or for suggesting features. If you like the addon, please give your review. Please do send in translations of the labels/text shown in the addon in your language, I will be happy to add it. Please write me for complaints/bugs, use the review page for positive or negative reviews.

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