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FireWebSSO is a Single Sign-On (SSO) addon for Firefox 2.0/3.0/3.5 and Seamonkey that allows you to store on a remote server and use securely, logins and passwords (secundary logins/passwords) for various Web applications.


* Primary login/password (Master Password) to identify the user and associate the secondary logins.
* Secure remote storage of user's secondary login/password in a secure server with full confidentiality.
* Data are encrypted by the navigator's addon (AES-256); consequently the server has no access to user's data.
* The server has no access to :
o Master Password (only a SHA-2 HASH is stored).
o Web sites you access
o Logins and passwords you use
o Descriptions or any notes you add to your sites or bookmarks
o anything else ...
* Detection of login forms and firefox authentication dialog box.
* Direct authenticated site access, site management and organization, multiple login/password, ...
* Store securely plain-text notes (for example your non-web credentials).
* Store securely bookmarks.
* Import logins/passwords from the firefox password manager.
* Can be used with the buil-in password manager
* Export localy your logins/passwords.
* Access all of your informations securely from any Firefox navigator, anywhere.
* No more remember your secondary passwords.
* Automate you favorite sites openning and authentications.
* Passwords generator based on characters set constraints.

FireWebSSO can be seen as a extended secure remote password manager for Firefox.
The Firefox addon and the server parts will be available for download (under GPL licence).
You can build your own private and secure Single Sign-On server or use the FireWebSSO public server.

http://www.firewebsso.com/en-US/features.shtml for full feature details and http://www.firewebsso.com/en-US/security.shtml for information about how data are securely handled.

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