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International Sideboard


Name: International Sideboard

Choose a language from the sidebar list and all the characters appear in a tab. (you need the correct fonts)
Type on the characters and your text is forming in a textbox, ready to be pasted anywhere.
more than 300 langages and signs group available.
You can also see all the accented letters by group (all the i, all the e...)
A list of often used characters can be saved for quicker access.

To display the sidebar, go to
View > Sidebar > i18nSideboard

Main keyboard features

1. select a language in the list. You will find two lists, the first one sorted by alphabetical order, the other one by the unicode blocks
2. Choose how many characters you want to display in the list box (from 10 to a hundred).
3. As the blocks can be very big to display, you have to choose in the other list, which subpage will be displayed.
4. This addon doesn't need any internet connection. It's perfect for offline text typing.

Additional features

1. Bigger or smaller display: if the characters are hard for you to read, you can set a bigger display.
2. Custom characters: by right clicking on a character, you can add it to your custom list.
3. If you want to know more about a caracter, you can go to the "encoding" tab. There you will see the url encoding, the entity number.
4. In the encoding tab, you can type a character or a word, and add it to your custom list. It can be interested for mutlibyte unicode characters, to view the codes of each part of it.
5. Multibyte unicode characters can be typed and stored for quicker access

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