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DM BBCode Extension


Generic FireFox extension that works with any site that uses BBCode (most forums everywhere). This extension adds an entry into your context menu when you right click on stuff to make the relevant BBCode for you.
- If you're on an image it'll copy the BBCode for the image to your clipboard
- If you're on a link it'll make the appropriate BBCode for a link and put it in your clipboard (letting you choose the text)
Then you just need to past it into your favourite forum

Also when you're in a textarea (such as when posting on a forum) the extension adds new right click menu that applies BBCode such as quote, url, img tags etc. to the current select. Thanks to unfocused for this suggestion!

The addon also integrates into a free image host that includes image captioning (make lolcats) and twitter posting. Image uploading/hosting is completely optional though, you can ignore this stuff and just use it for BBCode

Download files:


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